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Makita 18V Tool Holder 4 Pack

Makita 18V Tool Holder 4 Pack

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Discover the upgraded Makita 18V Tool Holder 4-Pack, featuring a new and improved design that's 40% stronger. Now available in an eye-catching Teal, these holders are equipped with enhanced clip-in tabs for maximum security during transit. Perfectly adaptable, they fit most standard Makita 18V tools, offering a reliable and stylish solution for your tool storage needs.

Product Description

Our 48 Tools Makita Tool Holder are tailored for the on-the-go tradesperson. With a unique clip-in design and sturdy lock-in tabs, these holders ensure your tools stay in place during transit. This Makita Tool Holder is adaptable, accommodating tools from both standard 18v.

Introducing the 48 Tools Makita Tool Holder, the ultimate solution for the mobile tradesperson. Featuring a unique clip-in design and robust lock-in tabs, these holders ensure your tools are secure during transit. Our holder is not only adaptable to standard 18v Makita tools but also sets itself apart with an integrated 1/4 or 6mm nut insert. This innovative feature eliminates the hassle of handling screws from below, making tool mounting a breeze. Easily attach your tools using a screw or a 1/4 or 6mm nut and bolt, perfect for organizing tools on metal shelves in your van or trailer.

Disclaimer: Our Makita 48 Tools Holders offer a convenient and efficient solution for storing your tools. However, it's important to note that while these holders are robust, they are not indestructible. Large and heavy tools such as saws, reciprocating saws, large drills, and sanders may exceed the capacity of the tool mounts, particularly in mobile environments.

Please exercise caution when selecting which tools to mount on our holders. It's essential to ensure that the weight and size of the tools are compatible with the holder's specifications. Makita 48 Tools is not liable for any damage to tools or equipment that may occur as a result of using our tool mounts.

Product Specs

Model Name: Makita

Model Number: TH-MAK-BLU-04

Material: ABS

Suited Brand: Makita

Product Dimensions: 75 × 90 × 18 mm

Weight: 0.037 kg

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