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Milwaukee 12V Battery Attachment

Bosch 12V ATTACHMENT fits both Milwaukee and Bosch 12V batteries.

Introducing the versatile Milwaukee 12V Battery Attachment. This innovative 48 Tools accessory caters to both Milwaukee and Bosch 12V batteries. It's a must-have for any Milwaukee or Bosch user, particularly as it accommodates smaller Bosch 12V batteries.

To use, insert our 12-volt attachment into any 48 Tools M18 battery holder. It allows you to store M12 and M18 batteries together or separately on the wall. You can use the two mounting holes on the back for this purpose. Did you get a new M18 battery? That's easy to handle. You just squeeze the upper tabs on the M12 attachment, remove it, and install the new M18. Alternatively, relocate the M12 attachment to a different spot on your 48 Tools battery holder.

The 48 Tools battery range prioritizes battery terminal protection, and the 12V attachment doesn't fall short. Its specially designed cover panel shields your 12-volt batteries from potential harm. It also prevents any object from damaging the battery terminals. Plus, once locked in place for use in mobile vehicles, you can mount the batteries in any direction. There's no need to worry about them falling out or sustaining damage.

The Milwaukee 12V Battery Attachment fits all Milwaukee M12 Batteries and specific Bosch Batteries, namely GBA 12V 2.0AH and GBA 12V 3.0AH.

* Fits all Milwaukee M12 Batteries

* Fits the Following Bosch Batteries

GBA 12V 2.0AH

GBA 12V 3.0AH

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