5 Cheap Workshop Storage Solutions You Can Install Yourself

1) Sealed and Stored

Here’s a slick shop storage tip to keep partially used caulk tubes well sealed and at hand in your workshop. Fold a piece of duct tape over the open tube to seal it, leaving a few inches of extra tape. Drive a nail through the tape and hang the tube on a pegboard

2) Drill Hangout

Using a 48 Tools battery holder mounting bracket and 48 Tools tool holder mounts, simply hang your tools anywhere in your garage, trailer or anywhere you want. Bunnings Australia stocks them in all stores, online or buy directly from 48 Tools here.

3) Muffin Tin Hardware Bin

Worksurface cluttered with miscellaneous nails, screws, hardware, whatever? Clean it up and still keep that stuff at your fingertips. Attach a muffin tin under a shelf with a single 1/4-in. x 1-1/2-in. flat head machine screw. The tin pivots out from beneath work surfaces to organize and serve up any little doodad you frequently use. And you store all that little stuff without using up a single square inch of workspace.

4) Saw Blade Holder

Here’s a double-duty DIY holder for storing and cleaning table saw and circular saw blades in your shop. It features a slotted dowel to keep stored blades spaced apart so the teeth stay sharp. Using a handsaw, cut notches spaced at 3/8-in intervals halfway through a 5/8-in. dowel. Glue the dowel in a hole drilled in a 16 x 12-in piece of 3/4-in plywood. Frame the sides and lower edge of the plywood with 2-in. strips of plywood and add a lower facing piece to create a basin at the bottom. When a blade needs cleaning, remove the other blades and line the rack with tinfoil. Then mount the gunked-up blade on the dowel, spray one side with oven cleaner, flip it over and spray the other side. Any drips go in the basin, and the sides minimize overspray. Let the cleaner work for an hour or so, then use a moistened kitchen scrub pad to scour the dissolved gunk and burned sawdust off the blade. Then throw away the foil and store your blades.

5) Charged and flat battery holder

Every tradie or trade enthusiast knows the feeling of getting ready to start a new project or tackle a quick job and find out their tool batteries are flat. Lucky for you 48 Tools have you covered when it’s time to organise your batteries. Your battery can be clipped in using the existing locking clip, which can be mounted in any direction in your workshop, trailer or van – anywhere you store your power tool batteries. Once the battery mount has been mounted securely with the 4 screws the mount gives you the ability to store and transport your Bosch batteries safely, securely, and easily.


48 Tools is one of the world’s leading battery holder manufacturers for Bosch, we also design, develop and manufacture high-quality ABS moulded plastic battery mount holders for Milwaukee, Hitachi, BOSCH, AEG, Ryobi, Festool, Oztio, Dewalt, Ridgid, Hikoki and Metabo HPT.  

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