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Ridgid 18V Battery Holder

Ridgid 18V Battery Holder

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Easily mount your 18v Ridgid batteries to the wall in your garage, trailer, or wherever you want using the Ridgid 18V Battery Holder

Our AEG and Ridgid products are cross-compatible with each other. 


Product Description

The Ridgid 18V Battery Holder from 48 Tools is an excellent method to keep your Ridgid 18V batteries safe. Our mounts are easy to install and use, as they are made of commercial-grade ABS plastic and made to last.

Our AEG and Ridgid products are cross-compatible with each other.

Use the existing locking clip to secure your Ridgid 18V battery holder, which may be installed in either direction in your workshop, trailer, or van - anywhere you keep your Ridgid batteries.

Once you've secured the battery mount with the four screws, you'll be able to store and move your Ridgid 18V batteries safely, securely, and easily.

48 Tools also design, develop and produce high-quality ABS moulded plastic battery mount holders for MilwaukeeHitachi, BOSCHAEGRyobiFestoolOztioDewaltRidgidHikoki and Metabo HPT48 Tools is one of the world's leading portable battery holder manufacturers for Hikoki.

Global tradespeople rely on and appreciate 48 Tools battery holders.
Quality is our promise. Our robust confidence in our products underscores our commitment to customer satisfaction. For any dissatisfaction with your Ridgid battery holder 48 Tools purchases, please contact us for assistance.

Product Features

Strong and Easily Installed
Made from strong ABS injection moulded plastic and with the use of only 4 screws you can easily mount our battery holder to any flat surface and at any angle.

Batteries Clip In Place
Your batteries clip in place using the batteries existing locking Mechanism and are easliy removed just with one click of the batteries release button.

Protect and Store All In One
Colour coded to match your tools and perfectly spacing out you batteries they will protect and store your batteries while taking up very minimal space in your van or workshop.

Product Specs

Model Name: Rigid 18v 48 Tools Battery Holder

Model Number: BH-RID-ORG-03

Material: ABS

Suited Brand: RIGID

Product Dimensions: L290mm x W115mm x H25mm

Weight: 0.130kg

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