48 Tools Battery Charger Mount

Wondering how to install the 48 Tools Battery Charger Mount? Looking for foolproof Charger Mount templates? We've got everything you need right here.

Charger Mount Installation

Charger Mount Templates

Thank you for purchasing your new 48 Tools charger mounts. The 48 Tools charger mount has been designed with people on the move as its inspiration. With the need to have a charger mounted on the wall but to also be able to take it with you, we came up with the 48 Tools charger mount. With this design, you can mount your charger on any flat surface while still easily being able to remove it from your tool shed, workshop, van, or trailer and take it with you.

Please select your tool brand and model type below to download your installation template. Any questions please email us here or email info@48tools.com Thank you.


AEG Template Downloads

⬇️ AEG BL-1218

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