48 Tools Charger Mount

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The 48 Tools Charger Mounts will come with the following, 

  • 4 x charger wall mounts
  • 4 x 8mm charger plugs
  • 4 x 6.5mm charger plugs
  • 4 x screws to secure charger plugs to the charger.

The 48 Tools charger mount has been designed with people on the move as its inspiration. With the need to have a charger mounted on the wall but to also be able to take it with you, we came up with the 48 Tools charger mount. With this design, you can mount your charger on any flat surface while still easily being able to remove it from your tool shed, workshop, van, or trailer and take it with you.

***For optimal results, we advise using a silicon-based adhesive when installing the charger tabs into the back of the charger. This type of adhesive will effectively secure the charging tabs, ensuring their long-term stability without damaging the base of the charger. Please let Silicon dry before use

The 48 Tools charger mount DOES NOT FIT ALL CHARGES ON THE MARKET. Currently known to fit chargers listed below from Milwaukee, DeWalt, Bosch, Festool, Makita, AEG, and Ridgid. Model numbers may vairy from country to country for the same charger

Bosch GAL 1880 CV
DeWalt DCB105
DeWalt DCB115-XE
Festool TCL6
Milwaukee M12-18FC
Milwaukee M12 ( some of these can be different please check your charger has the 6.5mm x 8mm screw holes on the back. These will have the black feet plugs in them)
Makita DC18RA

Makita DC 18RD (duel charger)

Makita DC18RE
Makita DC18SD
Makita DC18SF
Makita DC40RA
Ryobi BCL14181H

To access and download the setup video and templates by clicking this link.


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