NEW Makita XGT 8.0Ah Battery

Makita has announced that they will be coming out with a new XGT 8.0Ah battery, model BL4080F.

As Makita XGT is a 36V/40V Max battery system in an 18V form factor, this means that each 8.0Ah battery will pack a whopping 288/320 watt-hours of energy.

To put things into perspective, an 18V/20V Max 12.0A packs 216/240 watt-hours of rechargeable electrochemical energy.

The 8.0Ah battery is equivalent to an 18V/20V Max 16.0Ah battery.

This will be Makita’s largest cordless battery to date, in terms of charge capacity and physical size. XGT X2 80V Max tools would be expected to be powered by two of these batteries.

According to Australian pre-orders, the price will be $399 AUD.

Key Features & Specs

  • 8Ah charge capacity
  • 288 watt-hours nominal
  • 76 minutes charging time
  • weighs 1.9 kg (4.2 lbs)

Last year, Makita made a big deal in showing off how other brands’ higher power battery solutions were ridiculously sized for handheld tools such as cordless impact drivers. They praised their XGT system for being different.

In spite of the biggest selling points Makita emphasized about the XGT system, here’s a battery that users are not going to comfortably pair with a compact drill or impact driver.

Weighing 1.9kg individually, or 3.8kg when used for XGT X2 tools, this new Makita XGT 8.0Ah battery is not the type of battery you’re going to attach to most handheld tools.

It’s nice to see Makita push boundaries, although it seems they’re simply using a massive number of cylindrical Li-ion cells. Meaning, that this isn’t as innovative as Dewalt or Flex moving to higher performing pouch-style battery cells.

The question is, will there be any new Makita XGT tools that can fully utilize the charge capacity of this battery?

Makita’s XGT collection is still very limited, compared to competing for cordless platforms.

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